About Us

Mission Vision and Values


Best care, every person, every time.


Our excellence in health care is guided by our patients and residents, their families, research and our highly skilled team of professionals. We provide that care in a safe and supportive environment, within a vibrant, rural community.

Our Values

  • Compassion – We are known for exceptional caring and compassion.
  • Respect – We respect the dignity of every person under our care and with whom we work.
  • Honesty – We act with honesty, integrity and transparency.
  • Teamwork – We value the knowledge, opinions and diversity of our team.
  • Service – We will take the time to listen, respond and show courtesy to everyone in everything we do.

Philosophy of Care

  • We will introduce ourselves and identify our role in your care.
  • We will communicate openly, and consult with you in all aspects of your care.
  • We will treat you, your family and friends with dignity, respect and compassion.
  • We will collaborate with you to create an individualized care plan that acknowledges your unique physical, mental and emotional needs.
  • We will promptly address any issues and concerns that are brought to our attention.
  • We will respect your wishes about treatment choices, including refusing treatment.
  • We will keep your personal health information private, respected and protected.
  • We will respect your individual identity, beliefs, history, culture and ability as part of your care.
  • We will treat you in a manner that is free from stigma and assumptions.